Sorry Blogger But I'm Moving To WordPress

May 16, 2016

moving on, WordPress
see you on the flip side
Hi Luv et alii,

For the last how many days I have been trying to get this platform to work as it should. No luck.

I'm moving to here. Same Old Man, same photography, same ranting and raving on occasions. Simply a different platform.

I hope you will visit me.

The Old Man

It's 05:38 And Already The Day Is Messed Up

May 16, 2016

I surrender!
Hi Luv et alii,
Last night I got a notice from Blogger that I needed to prove I wasn't a robot because of all the posting I was doing.

If I jammed up your connection you have my apologies but as far as I know I didn't do a lot of posting.

By the end of the day I couldn't put out a new page for my beetle shots. Still can't this morning.

But it did rain last night and it looks like it could again this  morning.

Here's hoping this all gets sorted out today.

The Old Man

Orange Beetle

Orange Beetle,Philippines
Looking forward to purchasing the macro lens

The Old Man

It Is Written That A Wise Man Has Four Wives ~ But I Tell You Two Blogs Is One Too Many

May 15, 2016

thoughts, blog, listen
When I listen I learn
Hi Luv et alii,
I have found two blogs is one too many. I am forever moving back and forth, in and out, up and down and nothing is ever right. So being a reasonable person I am back to one and it is this one.

This 'I need another web site' started with the ego trip of wanting a portfolio for my art.

Poppycock, pure poppycock.

I have realized that what is required is a way to explore the history of my photography. Yes the history. With close to twenty thousand shots going back over years there is history.

I need a way to see where I have been. A way to explore how my shooting has changed. A way to sort and sift.

I can do this in this blog. I need to add pages, redo my labeling, and find ways to enable meaningful searches.

All the pieces of the puzzle are before me. All I need to do is put it all together.

Wish me luck.

The Old Man