Wisdom From 'Qoheleth The Preacher'

Vanity of vanitiessays Qoheleth, vanity of vanities! All things are vanity! What profit have we from all the toil which we toil at under the sun? One generation departs and another generation comes, but the world forever stays. 

The sun rises and the sun sets; then it presses on to the place where it rises. Shifting south, then north, back and forth shifts the wind, constantly shifting its course. 
All rivers flow to the sea, yet never does the sea become full.
To the place where they flow, the rivers continue to flow. 
All things are wearisome, too wearisome for words. The eye is not satisfied by seeing nor has the ear enough of hearing.
 What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun! Even the thing of which we say, “See, this is new!” has already existed in the ages that preceded us. There is no remembrance of past generations;nor will future generations be remembered by those who come after them.