Apparently The Buddha Understood That The Sauce For The Goose Was Not Always The Right Sauce For The Gander

Tonight I go With A Simple But Oh So True Proverb Or Two ~ Look Before You Leap ~ Or Perhaps ~ Be Careful: Past This Point There Be Dragons

Some Call The Agent God ~ Others Call The Agent Karma ~ The Old Wisdom Teaches That If We Do Not Live In Righteousness We Will Pay A Heavy Price

Arabian Wisdom, by John Wortabet, [1913] ~ These Proverbs Have Much In Common With Those Found In The Hebrew And Christian Sacred Scriptures

The Genre Is 'Wisdom Literature' It Is Found Throughout History In Every Culture That Had Writing ~ This Was Found Within The Hebrew Bible ~ Woman Wisdom Was Needed For Creation ~ Now She Is Needed For Survival

From Before The Tale Of The Good Samaritan To Today The Clergy (Of Any Faith) Rarely Come Off Well ~ Seems They Have Forgotten To Do Justice, Love Mercy And Walk Humbly Far Too Often