Reality Cheque ~ Islamic State is Waging A Holy Blood Feud ~ No Blood Feud Can Be Ended Through Violence

December 27, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,
Holy Blood Feud, Islamic State, defeat, wisdom, compassion, negotiations
Ending a Holy Blood Feud
 by killing people,
is simply not possible. 
The powers that are lined up against Islamic State have either forgotten or they have chosen to ignore a simple but deadly truth:

Most of the people who fight for I.S. consider their fight to be a Holy Blood Feud. 

Simple Definition of blood feud 
: a very long fight between two families or groups in which each group kills members of the other group in order to punish the group for earlier murders
There are only two ways to end a blood feud. 

The first is to kill off all of the other side.  This is not possible when the clan is spread worldwide. 

The second is to negotiate a peace. This is hard to do when the clan is spread world wide. But it is not impossible.

Let us all understand one simple fact. Even if the powers that are fighting I.S. succeed in taking back all of the land that is now within the Caliphate the Holy Blood Feud will continue. 

It will continue because every time one of their fighters dies  one or more of their kin joins up. 

Wisdom and Compassion used in  serious negotiations is the only way to even have a slim chance of ending the bloodshed.

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man

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