Reality Cheque ~ To Stare Into The Abyss Is To Risk Becoming The Abyss ~ America The New Abyss

December 27, 2015

Hi Luv et alii, 
Islamic State, U.S. of A., terrorist state, bombing, Christmas Day
You cannot end
a War of Terror
by using
terrorist tactics
This Christmas in the Philippines some warriors on both sides of the ongoing civil war have proclaimed twelve days of Peace. 

During the Vietnam War the Vietcong declared a twelve hour peace during Christmas. 

A few days ago The United States of America launched seventeen airstrikes against the 'Islamic State' on Christmas Day.

I believe that the U.S. of A. has stared into the Abyss for far too long. 

You cannot defeat 'Islamic State' by using terrorist tactics. 

They can only be defeated through Wisdom and Compassion.

Take care, stay safe,
The old Man