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December 31, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

Windows 10, upgrade,frustration, doesn't work.
I should
 have upgraded to
 Windows 10
Every now and again I get an urge. I know it's a bad urge. I know this urge will result in disaster. And yet I give in and let the urge have it's way with me and run it's course.

Yesterday was just such a now and again. Idiot that I am I pushed the button that started the Windows 10 download.

Twelve hours to download. Three hours to install. It doesn't work. At least not the way it should. 

Every time I try to access one of the new wiz bang apps I get the same message 'update needed'. So I try to update and the message pops up 'update failed'. 


Taking care and staying cool,
The Old (and very much the idiot) Man
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  1. I make it a rule to NEVER download a new version of Window until it's been out a couple of years and that way I don't get stuck with the glitchy versions. Unfortunately I have not heard one good thing about Windows 10.

  2. And you have a good rule. But once I found out that I needed to reload Java it all came together. It shouldn't take more than a month or two to tweak it up a bit.

  3. Every day you learn something new (or you should). Now you can teach others!


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