The Life And Times Of The Old Man ~ Why? Because I Enjoy It!

December 23, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

letter writing, the unexplored life, enjoyment
To take the time to write a letter
is to take the time to think
and reflect
Deep into the Solstice and I sit here writing a letter. 


Because I enjoy writing letters. 

That almost no one will read this letter takes a bit of the pleasure away. But the joy of writing these letters is not dependent upon others reading them. 

The joy comes from what I discover about myself and my life.

From Socrates to today many a philosopher has pointed out that the unexamined life is hardly worthy of being called a life.  I agree with that idea. 

So I sit here looking sometimes deeply into myself. The world will not be changed. But I will perhaps find a way to be a better husband, friend, member of society. 

And now I know why I like to write letters.

Take care, write well,
The Old Man


  1. I for one do read the letters that you post and I forward them to Rick and he reads them as well.

  2. which just goes to show that all of us who grew up in Marpole are either equally brilliant or deranged or both.


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