The Life And Times Of The Old Troglodyte ~ Will The Sun Return Or Continue To Travel South

December 20, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

cave, troglodyte,solstice,fear,sun
will the Sun return
 will the darkness increase
As the solstice approaches the 21st Century Enlightenment human within my being is shrinking and the from time immemorial Troglodyte is expanding. 

I wake up watching the shadows play on the wall. They continue to the north as the Sun moves to the south. 

Our calendar tells us that it is nearing the time for the Sun to make up it's mind. Soon it will stand still, the shadows will not move, we will wait in fear.

Will the Sun stay with us or continue on it's path and leave us forever?

Not even the Sun knows the answer.

Take care, stay safe

The Old Troglodyte