Who knew? Apparently A whole bunch of photographers and now we do too!

A peaceful solution, less pollution, and a great grandmother gets a bit of rest ~ what's not to love about this!

Beauty ~ Anyone Hungry ~ I Am Just So Much More Than A Pretty Face

Musing ~ Have You Ever Wondered Where The Shredded Coconut On Your Supermarket Shelf Comes From?

Musing ~ Where Are We Headed Take Two

Musing ~ Where Are We Headed?

Musings ~ Nasty Happens ~ We Are Prepared ~ Time To Pray For Those Not So Lucky

Wisdom ~ From The Middle East ~ Locusts - they have no king, yet they march forth in formation

Beauty ~ X Marks The Rose

Wisdom ~ From Right Here And Right Now But With Deep Deep Roots


Beauty (with a touch of musing) ~ To Grow Strong Stay Connected To Your Roots

Musing ~ Facebook Wasn't ~ Not So Sure G+ Is

Musings ~ This That And The Other