Drudgery ~ SWMBO ~ This Too Will Pass

The Last In The Lily Series ~ Midnight Lily ~ Attitude

Lily ~ Beauty

The Old Man's Advice Chapter 1 Thought 2 ~ In Life And In Photography Know When Enough Is Enough

Beauty ~ Elven Forest

Try It You Might Like It

The Old Man's Advice Chapter 2 Thought 1 ~ The Taoist Circle Teaches That Beauty Is The Beginning Of Ugliness And That Ugliness Is The Beginning Of Beauty

The Old Man's Advice ~ Find Your Own Way To Look Deeply Into Where You Live

Wisdom From The Middle East ~ To everything -- a season, and a time to every delight under the heavens:

The Old Man Apologises But The Beetle Deserved Better

No Wisdom No Advice ~ Simply A Magnificent Flat Faced Long Horn Beetle

Stoking The Fires Within