I am just one incredibly happy old man.

The Old Man Wonders If You Truly See ~ Taste~ Smell ~ Feel ~ Hear

The Old Man's Belief ~ As Stewards Humans Are Tasked With Bringing Out The Beauty

The Old Man's Belief ~ Too Much Rain Is As Bad As Too Much Sunshine ~ But Get The Balance Right And Voilà ~ BEAUTY

The Old Man Wonders When Watching Two Or More People Fornicating In A Movie Became Acceptable And Smoking Tobacco In A Movie Became Unacceptable

Old Blue Eyes Is A Puzzler For This Old Man

Maybe The Last For A While

I am such a troglodyte!

The Old Man Thinks There's Nothing Wrong With Playing Within Your Comfort Zone

The Old Man Asks ~ Did You remember The Northern Summer Solstice?

The Old Man's Advice ~ Understand that in the here and now we live in a world of opposites that allow us the gift of choice