A Little Beauty Before Sleep

The Life And Times Of This Old Man ~ The Hot Water Heater Is A Game Changer

Roxanne Ryan shared Stop Pacific NorthWest LNG/Petronas on Lelu Island's post on FB and I shared it here. This Matters!

Still Crazy After All These Years ~ Rick's Got His Harley ~ I live On the Side Of A Sleepy Volcano

The Life And Times Of This Old Man

North America (at least the part that is Canada) Has Always Been Ghettoized And More Than Likely Always Will Be

The Life And Times Of This Old Man

The Beauty Of A Spider's NEST

No Idea How Many Angels Dance On The Head Of A Pin ~ But A Multitude Of Spiders Fit Into One Shot

WARNING SERIOUS RANTING ~ It Just Ain't Possible That Only One Colour Is Indigenous Or that Only One Group Is Where God Put Them

The Life And Times Of The Old Man

Sacred Mythology Is A Teacher ~ Does It Teach About Cultural Insanity

Meet Landoy ~ Our Gardener And All Around Excellent Handyman

Ancient Wisdom ~ The Earth Is A Living Sentient Being ~ Gaia ~ It's Not Smart To Mess With Mother Earth

I'm Back ~ The Old Man

I May Well Be An Elitist Correction I AM An Elitist

Reality Cheque ~ To Reduce Global Warming We Need To Quit Having Babies

The Ants Came Marching Two By Two ~ Chalk Spray And The Vacuum Too!

Is There Anything Sadder Or More Full Of Promise Than The Setting Sun

SWMBO Has Found Us A New Monitor

Deciding If I Should Return To My Original Blog