Bruce And I Disagree On Many Things ~ What Follows We Agree On So Pay Attention

January 30, 2016

transformation, becoming,being
To be anything requires effort
Hi Luv et alii, (with a special hi how are you to Bruce)

Bruce and I disagree on most things. Clothes, haircuts, beards, motorcycles, movies. You name it our tastes are probably different. 

There are two serious exceptions to this general rule. The first is that we both love Empire Biscuits with red maraschino cherries on top. The second, simply put is:

To Become (fill in the blank)
Takes Work Not Talk

Flying, hockey, teaching, being a member of an organization or a faith. All of these (and anything else you care to name) require dedication, education, fortitude and perseverance to do well. 

As Jane Austen points out so well with Emma, it takes more than creating a reading list of 101 titles to become well read. You actually have to read and think about the books behind the titles.

Here comes the question: Are you an Emma? 

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man