If I Had The Brains God Gave A Rock I'd Stay Out Of This Fight

December 7, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
The old ways stress stewardship not the right of Kings to destroy 

But apparently I don't. Before I morphed into The Old Man I was Gups-U-Bees ~ Bringer Of The Gentle Wind. 

It's a long story but a short blog. Decades ago I was adopted by the Haisla Nation in the Feast Hall, named and placed in the Eagle Clan. 

Chiefs (including the elder brother of the present hereditary chief) Matriarchs, Elders and many others instructed me in the traditional ways. I was trained as the village Lepled (pastor, rabbi, confessor).

In time I left for the Philippines. When I learned about the Haisla decision to become involved in shipping LNG I felt it my duty to state why I was against the decision.

The Haisla orphaned me, may have stripped me of my name and some threatened me with physical violence.

Nevertheless now that permits have been granted I am getting back into this fight. The people who have signed onto this LNG may have forgotten the Teachings but I haven't.

Unless I am mistaken this project uses LNG made from natural gas that is brought out of the ground by fracking. 

They will be running the pipeline through watersheds, salmon spawning rivers, wilderness and territory that during winter will be inaccessible. 

The tankers will be running through the Great Bear Rainforest and watershed. 

This is a disaster waiting to happen to transport carbon based fuel that is as dirty as coal.

This is a really bad idea based solely upon greed. 

Take care, stay safe,
The Old Man