Reality Cheque ~ Unlimited Population Finite Earth Equals Mass Starvation Which Equals Global War

January 5, 2016

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Population growth
 plus mass starvation
World Wide War
Hi Luv et alii,
Currently there are  @ 7.3 Billion people surviving on Mother Earth with roughly 800 Million starving or  hungry people worldwide.

'Feeding a Flawed Society
by Paul R. Ehrlich,John Harte-STANFORD/BERKELEY – Virtually everyone in the scientific community agrees that ensuring sufficient food supplies for a surging human population, which is set to grow by 2.4 billion by mid-century, will require serious work. Indeed, we have not even succeeded at providing enough food for today’s population of 7.3 billion: Nearly 800 million people currently are starving or hungry, and another couple billion do not get enough micronutrients. But there is no such consensus about how to address the food-security problem.'
 I am certainly not the one to offer The Answer. But I am the one to point out a hard and nasty reality cheque.

Already the 21st Century has been named the 'Resource Wars Century'. So far these wars have been fought in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. They have been fought in these areas because they have been fought over oil and water. 

This is about to change. Resource Wars will soon be fought over food. 

Already Western Europe and North America are being flooded by refugees in search of peace and food. Soon, unless things change dramatically, it will be their own populations that will be moving seeking food and peace. 

Civil War and Revolution for access to food will be the new Resource War. These Resource Wars will happen in every country.

There is only one way to prevent this horror. 

Humanity must bring the population into balance with what our Mother can feed. And it needs to be done without increasing Global Warming.

Take care, find ways to make the needed changes,

The Old Man