The Old Man Goes Web Surfing For Mobility Assistance Vehicles

January 19, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

mobility assistance vehicles, low cost, green,sturdy
Getting there can be half the fun and
all the challenge.
Yesterday drove home reality. Compared to many of my neighbours we're rich. Compared to the majority of Anglos /Europeans / North Americans we're poor.

Then  again I was taught a long time ago that it is just plain foolish to compare yourself to others. 

We live comfortably. Have enough to share when there is a problem. And are in the marvelous position of needing to seriously consider things when we want to make a major purchase.

I came across mobility assistance vehicles of all shapes and sizes yesterday. From fully tracked tank like wheelchairs for hunters to pedal and hand powered all terrain trikes and wheelchairs for the ultimate challenge types. 

There was even a scaled down version of 1960's D style Jaguar.

I was in surfers heaven. 

But when I came back to Earth we decided that what was needed was a low maintenance, environmentally friendly, sturdy, inexpensive four wheeled walker with a seat and backrest. Pictures to follow once it arrives.

Take care, stay real,
The Old Man