T.L.and T. of T.O.M. ~ Putting in two new raised vegetable beds.

raised veggie garden,garden/temple,self sustaining, home grown
It is time to put create more veggie space
in the garden/temple.

January 5, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
About a decade back we were heavily into producing our own food. Chickens, rabbits, fish, fruit, nuts, veggies and herbs. At one point we had over a thousand pineapple planted.

Priorities changed. 

Once again they have changed.

With Global Warming agriculture in the Philippines has changed. Wetter, less sunlight, warmer and the veggies have become scarce. 

Throw in an added 4 Million mouths to feed in the last 4 or 5 years and veggies (add in rice) have not only become scarce but expensive as well.

Hence the need now to put in more veggie gardens. As well we are working on protein production by building water reservoirs (ponds) fed off of our roofs which will do double duty. 

One for ducks another for turtles a third for fish and a fourth sealed containment for potable water. 

The upside to this is simply that even if we are wrong and things do get better... we'll have a beautiful place to live and fresh food year round.

Take care, be prudent,
The Old (gentleman farmer) Man