T.L.A.T.O.T.O.M. ~ Growing It Is Easy ~ Preserving It A Little More Difficult

January 10, 2015

Hi Luv et alii, 

First things first... the original Chiquita Banana commercial which just might bring a large smile to your face.

Produced by the United Fruit Company in the 40's, this commercial appeared only in movie theaters, and for over 50 years kept us humming its catchy tune. The voice of Chiquita belongs to MONICA LEWIS. She'll be 90 May 5, 2012. Check out www.monicalewis.com

banana, lanzones,rambutan,pineapple, preserves
Rambutan grow on trees but this one was windfall.

We have 25 fruit trees and enough space to grow a year round (albeit limited in diversity) supply of veggies. 

But how do we preserve the fruit? 

Canning? Can't find the jars or lids over here.

Drying? They do a fair business here with dried fruit. The problem will be to find a way to dry and not attract a horde of ants and rats.

Jams and Jellies? I do make a tasty pineapple jam. 

We shall work on it.

Take care,

The (hungry) Old Man