When I Can I Live Gently

January 22, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
neighbours,good,noise,patience,respect,bottom line
Do not mistake small and gentle for weak and powerless
As I say on the front page;
'When I can I live gently. I try to do justice, give mercy and live humbly.'
The key wording is 'When I can'.

Lately it is getting more difficult.  Time for a little history.

About 15 years ago when we came back there was a local gang that ran this community. Theft, murder, rape and intimidation were there speciality. Not too smart and only brave when they were in a gang, drunk, and it was dark.

They decided to have a go at us. They lost. Some moved away. Others quieted down. Quite a few have died.

Nature hates a vacuum. Some of their children decided to take up the mantle. Same result. They lost and the bad ones left.

One of the bad ones has returned and she thinks she will just pick back up where she left off. Loud, drunk, stupid and intimidating.

Not going to happen.

Take care, stay safe
The Old Man


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