Wisdom ~ The Radical Rabbi ~ But Who Do You Say I Am? To Be Real It Must Be Your Answer

January 5, 2016
Hi Luv et alii,

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Which way is
the right way
for you
The Rabbi cuts straight to the chase with this question.

Sooner or later if you wish to live life to the fullest it must be life lived as you believe it should be.

Not lived as someone has told you it should be lived. Not lived as some book tells you to live. Not even lived as your parents told you to live.

Because if you do then you are living their life, not yours. 

Authentic life must be chosen not accepted.

You have to choose where to put the flowers in your garden. If you don't it's not your garden.
choices,reality,authentic,your life
For your life to be real  the choices  must be yours.

It's their garden.

Take care, live your own life,

The Old Man