Baaah Baaaaah Baaaaah There's A Reason Pastors And Politicians Are Called Leaders/Shepherds

February 11, 2016,
Don't drink the kool-aid

Hi Luv et alii,

The coffee is about boiled and I am in desperate need of the caffeine. SWMBO has a cold which means she isn't sleeping well and neither am I.

This may be the reason for the darkness of this mornings letter?

Tell the people that you know their fears. Tell them you know who or what makes them afraid. Tell them you will get rid of the cause(s) of their fears. Tell them loudly, often and powerfully. The people will follow you as sheep follow the Shepherd.

If you take an honest look at any election you will find that the winner is the one who used the above technique better than the losers used it.

Take care, stay awake,
The Old Man