Passing On A Teaching

February 5, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,

justice,mercy,humility,the old ways
Harmony is better than
If mythology is to be believed there was a time when humans didn't need to kill to live. Read the Genesis story it's all there. Genesis teaches of a time of change. Change within the world and our relationship to it.

With this change we became Royalty.

Suddenly we were given the royal rights of rape, plunder, pillage and absolute life and death control over our Mother Earth.

Which is why things have gone  seriously downhill for our Mother since Judaism, Christianity and Islam have come to dominate the world.

Thankfully in all times and cultures there have been people who remember the time before this time.

I had the good fortune to be taught by some who remember.

Which explains why I offered a prayer for the spirit of the Coconut tree I ordered cut down and killed yesterday.  I also asked it's forgiveness.

Take care, stay connected,
The Old Man