To Understand Your World First Understand Darwin's World

February 26, 2015,

Hi Luv et alii,

Charles Darwin, interconnected,British Empire,greed, dominance
His world made our world.
It is fashionable today to blame all of the worlds problems on the colonizers. If everyone had stayed in their own little place the world would be a perfect place because the Indigenous peoples were perfect stewards and saints. This is of course an absurd belief.

People are people. Every empire, nation, city state, kingdom, village, or nomadic tribe has the same core problem. We are all governed by greed and the desire for dominance.

In the modern world this greed and desire for dominance came to perfect fruition in the British Empire. The Brits from their little island off the coast of Europe dominated the world for most of the 19th and perhaps a third of the 20th century.  They accomplished this through military, political and scientific means.

Which is why I say that to understand your world you first need to understand Darwin's world. He is the penultimate Brit whose work has changed our world in a way few others have. His world created ours.

I realize that many of my readers live in places where finding a specific book to read can be nigh on impossible. But if you can find Adrian Desmond and James Moore's biography of Darwin give it a read. 

Take care, understand the interconnections,
The Old Man