A Small Veggie Garden & A Strange Fly & Rose Shot

March 9, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
old rose,fly, The Birth Of Venus
A strange shot from a strange old man
The trick with a small vegetable garden in the tropics is to find the fine balance between too much and too little. We have enough pechay and the cucumbers are coming in nicely as well. Today we harvested our first potato. It is fair sized and if there is one more like it then it is mashed potatoes tomorrow.  In another week we will be eating the string beans as well.  Hopefully we will have done it right and we will be eating fresh for about two months.

In about a month we will be re-composting and planting the next harvest. And with any luck in time we will be chowing down on farm fresh eggs as well.

Take care, stay green.
The Old Man