Anger Is Running In My Veins ~ I Will Let It But Not Act On It

March 3, 2016

I will not be abused and victimized
Hi Luv et alii,

About an hour ago I took Choco out for a walk. The neighbors music was LOUD but it was not going to annoy me. I went up to see how the new wall was looking. It looked ugly because the neighbors with the loud music had tied their laundry line to it.

I was willing to ignore the music but not the laundry line. I went over. As is polite here I stood about 10 meters from the house and called out. They saw me but laughed and went on with their  business. Fair enough

I went down to talk with an official. They weren't there. Came back and tried again to talk with the family. Same result.

Knowing this has to be nipped in the bud I nipped their laundry line. A few minutes later our workers showed up and we went back to the families house. This time I called until the husband came out. Our worker explained that tying to our wall was not allowable.

Now it is a waiting game.

Either they play nice or they decide one more time to get ugly. I hope they play nice.

Take care, stay strong,
The Old Man