It's Beginning To Come Together

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Today our poultry and ourselves ate a lot from the garden
Hi Luv et alii,
It isn't there yet and without more land it will never be totally self sustaining but it is getting better. Today our poultry were fed banana leaves, pechay and coconut from our garden. We had coconut juice, string beans, cucumbers, and pechay if we wanted it.

We are getting less dependent on outside food. This is a good thing.

Next week we start on water reservoir / ponds. They will allow us to raise more poultry, fish, possibly even turtles. We will get compost, eggs, meat, and the pleasures of a more natural habitat.

We don't have enough land to become fully self sustaining. We do have enough land to move in that direction. So we shall.

Take care, plan for the future
The Old Man

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