Thunder In The Distance

April 13, 2016,

Hi Luv et alii,

plan,food production,tropics,raised veggie beds
A dash of  luck, good soil, good seeds, water and a little work = food
There be thunder in the distance and moisture in the clouds. This is good.

We have had a nasty drought for the last month or two.

Nasty enough that on a neighboring island police and farmers got into a violent confrontation over drought relief.

Between 100 and 200 farmers injured and wounded, some police injured and two(?) farmers/protestors killed by police bullets.

To celebrate the hopeful start of the rainy season we are expanding our food production area. In about 2 weeks there will be forty more sq. meters of raised veggie beds, maybe a dozen papaya trees transplanted, possibly more bananas planted too.

Then we move onto ponds and water reservoirs.

Take care, plan well, act better,
The Old Man