Why ~ Because We Are Stewards

April 4, 2016,

Hi Luv et alii,

tree orchid, blossom, awaken,tropical rain forest, philippines
Time to become
Yesterday we had a Japanese Sparrow Hawk in the garden/temple. A few days before that a Night Hunting Heron. Our poultry is doing well.  Flowers are blossoming and veggies are tasting even better than they look.


Because we are Stewards. We take the time, invest the resources, offer the prayers and tend our garden/temple. We look after our Mother and she looks after us.

Sadly many perhaps most people do not consider themselves to be Stewards.

They take but they do not give back.

Our Mother suffers because of the greed of so many of her children.

We all need an awakening to see ourselves as we can be. Kind, generous, loving, compassionate Stewards.

Take care, awaken
The Old Man