Abigail van Rooyen Asked Me A Question

April 12, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
I was asked a question. I thought it deserved an answer.

Over the years a lot has happened to the 'Pastor in Training'. 


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SWMBO happened
In no particular order; I found my core, was taught the old ways by people who had lived them, married my soul mate, evolved into a poorly trained Buddhist, lost a lot of hair, become a good photographer and so much more.

Tribal... Chiefs, clans, elders, history, stories, and a unique status.

Coastal...Fjords, time and tide, seafood, wildness.

Shaman... Talking with the finned, furred and feathered. Understanding the signs, hearing the spirits.This I am in my core.

The villagers had been asked if they would train me to be a village pastor. They accepted the challenge. They taught through example, through traditional teaching stories, by sharing their own stories. They taught me in the same way they used to teach their own people. The teachings changed me. I became more than a pastor in training. I became 'The Village Lepled'. I was theirs. This created problems and enemies. In the village and in the greater church.

During my training I neglected my wife and daughter. My wife found a man that answered her needs. I met the woman that I would eventually marry and left the village to enter on the traditional path to ordination. It didn't work out.

The villagers had changed my understanding. I no longer fit the mainstream church. We parted company. Myra and I married and moved to her home, the Philippines. In time she enrolled at Silliman and I enrolled in the U.C.C.P. Divinity School.

This letter is getting way too long. Suffice to say we returned to Canada and five years later returned to the Philippines. She earned a doctoral, I evolved into a Buddhist steward of our garden.

I haven't a clue what comes next.

The Old Man