As The Pastor Understood ~ 'Raise Your Volume When Your Argument Is Weak'

May 3, 2016,

Hi Luv et alii,
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Any dog can bark loudly
With elections fast approaching in the Philippines the noise level is rising dramatically. For the last week we have been assaulted by messages delivered via vehicles with sound systems that can penetrate a nuclear bomb shelter. Last night at 02:00 we were awakened by a political rally being held 14K. away by road.

This will continue till the election in six days time. We will survive. Not so sure about the country surviving. The old adage about those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it is very true here. The new generation of voters seem to have not learned about the horrors that the last strong man president visited on the people. Many of the older voters seem to be living in a golden age memory mythology.

This doesn't make the Philippines a terrible country. But it does make it a child of the U.S. of America where exactly the same thing is now unfolding with their Presidential elections.

Take care, don't sell your vote cheaply,
The Old Man