You Will Be Seeing More Yellow Walking Iris Shots

May 2, 2016

Hi Luv et alii,
The newest edition to our garden, the poor ones orchid, a Walking Iris.
Yellow Walking Iris,Tropical Rain Forest, Philippines
I cannot (yet) do this flower justice.

Take care, stay alive,
The Old Man


  1. A walking iris? Where does it walk to? :-)

  2. With a little help from me... my garden. But here is a reasonable explanation from Wikipedia:
    "The flowers emerge from what appears to be just another leaf, but is really a flower stalk structured to look like the other leaves; they are 5–10 cm diameter, and somewhat resemble Iris flowers. After pollination, the new plantlet appears where the flower emerged and the stalk continues to grow longer. The weight of the growing plantlet causes the stalk to bend toward the ground, allowing the new plantlet to root away from its parent. This is how it obtained the common name of "Walking Iris". The other common name "Apostle Plant" comes from the belief that the plant will not flower until the individual has at least 12 leaves, the number of apostles of Jesus."


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