Reality Cheque ~ I Am A Happy Old Man

If This Don't Make You Feel Better Nothing Will ~ Jessye Norman And Kathleen Battle

T.L. & T. O. T. O. M. ~ My Apologies ~ Lately I've Been Depressing All Of You

Yesterday I Couldn't Spell Anthropocene ~ Today I Find Out I Am Part Of The Cause

Problems With The Book

If I Had The Brains God Gave A Rock I'd Stay Out Of This Fight

Beauty ~ Giant Butong Bamboo ~ Full Sized 9" Through The Center

Reality Cheque: Bad Canada Very Bad ~ Selling Military Weapons To Saudi Arabia

The Coffee's On ~ The Weight's Coming Off

T.L.and T. of T.O.M. ~ Putting in two new raised vegetable beds.

Reality Cheque ~ Unlimited Population Finite Earth Equals Mass Starvation Which Equals Global War

Wisdom ~ The Radical Rabbi ~ But Who Do You Say I Am? To Be Real It Must Be Your Answer

Beauty ~ Red Rose Bud ~ Pushed Pretty Far With PP

The Life And Times Of The Old Man ~ Beginnings Are Messy

The Life And Times Of The Old Man ~ The Book

Beauty ~ Rose Bud ~ Dark Monochrome

The Life And Times Of The Old Man ~ By By Facebook

Answers ~ Sorry na lang!