T.L.A.T.O.T.O.M. ~ There Is A Fine Feeling Being A Steward (Who knew that being a servant would bring such feelings?)

SWMBO Tells Me This Letter Needs To Be Written

Beauty ~ Same Rose Different Treatment

Reality Cheque ~ Racial Profiling Is Wrong ~ Except When It Gives You And Your's The Advantage

A Special Letter To Mother Russia

We Become By Moving Within The Light And Dark

It's 07:00 And Already I Need To Either Scream Or Cry

It's Late ~ I'm Feeling Silly ~ It Was Fun To Just Play

Reality Cheque ~ Some Days Are Better Than Other Days

Windows 10 ~ Learning the Ropes ~ Multiple Windows

Fresh Ginger Grated Into The Pot ~ Coffee Scooped Into The Pot ~ Boil And Inhale The Heavenly Aroma ~ Drink The Elixir

Beauty ~ Skyline

Reality Cheque ~ I Could ~ Perhaps I Should ~ But I Won't

Beauty ~ The Essence Of A Rose Take Two

The Essence Of A Rose

T.L.A.T.O.T.O.M. ~ It's Monday And Life Rolls On

Beauty ~ Shadows

T.L.A.T.O.T.O.M. ~ Growing It Is Easy ~ Preserving It A Little More Difficult