Who Could Resist Trying For A Closeup On The Ant?

I Loved The Sunlit Flower ~ The Ants Were A Bonus

Bruce And I Disagree On Many Things ~ What Follows We Agree On So Pay Attention

Little Blue Flower With A Kiwot

This Flower Is About 1/2 cm Petal Tip To Petal Tip

Reality Cheque ~ Enjoying Beauty Is Gender Neutral

Wisdom From The Middle East ~ 'wind they sow, and a hurricane they reap'

Aging Cut Giant Butong Bamboo

A Bit Of Beauty Goes A Long Way On A Tough Day

Reality Cheque: I Admit It ~ I'm Selfish

Final Practice Shot Of the Day ~ I Promise

A Better Exposure In Camera Maybe A Better Final Shot

Still Practicing ~ At Least It's Digital

Working On My Photography Skills

Old Habits Die Hard ~ BUT THEY DIE!

Time To Do Some Lemon Grass Chicken

Working On The Skill Set

There Is Great Beauty To Be Found In The Shadows

Wisdom From the Old Man ~ The Blame Game Is For Losers

Tearing Down The School Will Change Nothing ~ Tearing Down the Rapists Abusers Pedophiles And Domestic Violence Perps Is What's Needed

Growing Your Own In The Philippines (fruit and vegetables that is)