Practicing With Curves

For You Northerners ~ Onions Growing Nicely

Compost ~ Gather Stones ~ Create A Raised Bed ~ Bamboo Trellis ~ Plant Seeds ~ Weed Water Wait

Exploring The Macro Capabilities Of My Gear

Up Close With An Hibiscus Bud

Baaah Baaaaah Baaaaah There's A Reason Pastors And Politicians Are Called Leaders/Shepherds

To See Clearly Requires Darkness As Well As Light

Everything From Ripening Berries To Empires Are Interconnected

So Much Fear In An Empire With So Many Nukes And Personal Weapons Is Seriously Scary

Life ~ Photography ~ Spirituality ~ They All Require Thought Practice And Perseverance

Photography ~ Light Painting Is Very Much A Mood Technique

Photography ~ It's Called Light Painting ~A Fun Technique I Have Yet To Master

Not Quite Lost In The Shadows Nor Found In The Light

A Sharp Shot For A Sharp Fruit

Shooting In RAW And Mostly Manual Allows Me Ownership Of The Good ~ Bad ~ Ugly

Reality Cheque ~ We Are Interdependent And Interconnected