No Problem Is So Big You Can't Find A Way Through Around Over Or Under It

Life And Photography ~ All About Colours And Composition

Mentors Being What They Are ~ A Different Take On The Cucumber

Practicing A Different Craft ~ Veggie Patch

Practicing The Craft ~ Trying To Make A Papaya Leaf More Noticeable

The Rain Came ~ The Double Blossomed Hibiscus Returned To the Earth

Today's Rains Took Down Our Only Double Blossom Hibiscus Flower But In Time There Will Be More

Life Is Not Boring When You Live Near The South China Sea

What's Harder ~ Finding A Humans Beauty Or A Flowers

A Little After Coffee And Mahler's Resurrection Creativity

Focussing On the Core can be Rewarding ~ Double Blossomed Hibiscus

The Bud Is Now A Double Blossomed Hibiscus (shot early this morning pre coffee, better shot to follow)

Shooting Star Orchids For SWMBO Who Likes The Lighter Side Of Life

Possibly This Bud Will Open Tomorrow

Reality Cheque ~ Darkness Only Conquers When You Give It The Power

Practicing The Craft~ Macro Chinese Holly

A Touch Of Beauty On The Sabbath

Once Again Life Teaches Me My True Value