Shall I Gracefully Bow To The Possibly Inevitable?

Keeping With The Garden Theme ~ Say Hi To Tom

I had To Decide ~ A Letter About The News Or The Garden

Steady Eyes ~ Loud Voice ~ Lays Eggs ~ Seriously Territorial

I'm Not So Good With A Flash But It's A Good Bug Shot

It Was Either Work On This Shot Or Cook And I'm Not Hungry

A Small Veggie Garden & A Strange Fly & Rose Shot

Okay This Isn't Working ~ I Miss Writing My Letters

This Is A Selfie Of My Spirtual Journey

For Those Of You Who Don't Have Super Eyes ~ Here Is What You're Missing

Attack Of The Death Head ~ Hawk Moth ~ Caterpillar

No Semi Wise Words Just A Good Shot Of A Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Question ~ How Do Caterpillars Hang Upside Down ~ With Itsy Bitsy Claws Of Course

Life Goes On ~ I Still Love A Good Rose Shot

Whoever Left Us The Warning ~ You Got Our Attention