As Promised ~ The Rescued Yellow Orchid Correction: Yellow Walking Iris ~ Partly Opened

Just A Short Note ~ Picture to Follow

Levon Biss ~ A Short Film On His Macro Photography

For The First Time In Two Months It Rained ~ Everyone Is Feeling Better

This Morning As We Watered The Garden ~ White Headed Moth On Rock

Practicing The Craft ~ Artistic(?) Grasshopper

True Humility Is An Honest Understanding Of Your Capabilities

The Rains Are Late ~ The Dying Begins

Sometimes You Just Stand Your Ground

A Gnats Worth Of Beautiful Can Make A Big Difference

Paying The Price ~ My Aching Back

A Telephoto Lens Is A Thought

What We Are Comes From Within Not Without

Back With A Shot & A Thought ~ Grasshoppers Have Class

This Mornining I Too Await The Coming Of The Light