And Then I Remembered

The Past Will Either Destroy Or Empower ~ Your Choice

Just before seven this morning the electricity was shut off for most of the province we live in. Not a particularly unusual event and we looked forward to spending a day of relative peace and quiet together. Fresh baked homemade banana and bran scones, lots of strong coffee, pleasant talk and the chance to admire our geese and turkey as they manicured our lawn made for an enchanting and lingering breakfast taken in our bamboo house.

Walking the dog, dreaming together, gardening and a little needed water line maintenance occupied the rest of the morning. A light lunch and semi siesta occupied much of the afternoon.

The afternoon temperature when you factored in the humidity was 40+ C which makes my body and spirit need a siesta.

That's when the trouble started.

As I started to nod off I remembered the cool salty air of the north coast of British Columbia Canada. I could literally taste the salty fullness of the air. Feel the coolness on my skin. The freshness in my soul. Memories began flooding into my mind. Long dead friends. Adventures on the water. Beauty and danger from my lighthouse keeper years. All these and more led me down a long winding path of self pity for all that was no more.

And then I remembered.

If I let it my past will destroy me. The best of times will turn into bitter ashes if I only use them to belittle the present. The worst of them will become powerful monsters that will enter and devour my spirit.

The best memories are powerful medicines if they are looked upon as joyous times that came and went as everything must.  The worst memories are also powerful medicines when seen as reminders that even the most horrific times in life come and go leaving us to learn important though hard truths about the world we live in.

Remembering this lesson turned what was becoming a bad afternoon into a time of happiness and joy to be shared with Myra.

The Old Man