Impermanence Works For Me

Change is inevitable

Two nights ago my back went nuclear. When I was six months old traveling by train to Alberta my grandfather started me on the road to alcoholism by sharing his whiskey and tea with me. As my childhood moved along my father started sexual abusing me. By the time I was twenty-one I was a mess.

 Now I'm sixty-five plus. I have not passed on the sexual abuse. I'm what I call a 'controlled alcoholic.' (no drinking for over twenty years) My back will be better in a few more days.

Day ten and the changes are happening
I love Impermanence. I love it because it means we will change. Not that we might. Not that we can. But that we must.

Like the life held within the pictured chrysalis changes are happening constantly  in our lives. Unlike the chrysalis we get to choose many of the changes that happen to us. 

We can't decide not to age or to live forever.

We can decide to not be a drunk. We can decide to not be a rapist or an abuser.

In short we can choose to live in love and compassion or hate and self serving greed and intolerance.

You can choose the good.

The Old Man