Mindfull Consumption: Goodbye Facebook

When I first got involved with social networking on the web it was through G+. Later I included
deleted account, Facebook, hatred,perversion,live stream suicides and murders
I'm too old to put up with the Facebook culture
Facebook because most of the people I wanted to stay in contact with were using it. I preferred the ambiance on G+ but Facebook was where my friends were.

Over the years G+ has shrunk in comparison to Facebook and as a blogger that makes Facebook more appealing. Yet yesterday I deleted my Facebook account.

I believe that what we consume goes a long way to creating who we become. Facebook has become a place of hatred, live stream murders and suicides, bigotry, and the home of perversion. I know I can filter much of it out but by having a Facebook account I am supporting what I do not wish to be a part of. 

Yesterday was the final straw. I went to my home page and as always across the top of the screen was a group of photos of people I might know. This time it included a naked woman cupping her breasts while extending both middle fingers. 

Goodbye Facebook.

The Old Man


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