Reality Cheque: Cooper Was No Less A Dog For Being A Doberman

Red Doberman, dog, essence
Cooper was a Red Doberman but he was first and foremost a dog

Cooper was part of our pack for almost fifteen years. He was a Red Doberman and a dog. Being a dog made him a 'pack' animal. Being a Doberman made him a sheep dog. Combine the two and you get a loyal, highly protective, affectionate, intelligent dog that needs to be part of a pack. Being red made him handsome.

Love is not colour coded
Myra is a Filipino and a human. I'm a Canadian and a human. Myra's colour adds to her beauty. My colour makes be better or worse looking depending upon your idea of good looking. But our colour doesn't make us human any more than Cooper's colour made him a dog.

Our colour doesn't even make us a good human. Good bad or ugly has nothing to do with colour. Good bad or ugly has to do with how we train ourselves to live.

We need to train ourselves to be loving and compassionate towards all beings. We need to train ourselves to see the sacred within all life. We need to train ourselves to live justly, to offer mercy and to walk humbly with the Universe.

The Old Man