Rules And Facts Are Not The Same As Wisdom

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Pay attention and save yourself a lot of pain

Every time you follow the rules of addition while adding the same two numbers you will get the same result. The simple fact is that by following the rules of addition you get the same result every time. This in no way involves or invokes Wisdom.

Wisdom is invoked when a situation has no hard and fast rules. Who to marry? What is morally right? How to choose the path you will follow. There are no hard and fast rules to questions like these. There are general principles that can help in making the right choice. But no hard and fast rules or facts.

Learning how to navigate the treacherous currents found in the Sea of General Principals takes both a long time and many mistakes. Which is why smart young people go to wise old people to find the wisdom they need to make their choices when there are no hard and fast rules.

The Old Man