Wicked Heat 41C ~ Child Labour ~ Tilapia

Ten years ago we had Tilapia and Myra had the camera

All things change. Mountains erode, water evaporates and relationships constantly evolve. Ten years ago Myra was taking the photos and I was cutting the grass to feed the rabbits. We no longer have rabbits and Myra's camera died. Now I feed two geese, one turkey and as of this morning twenty-one Tilapia.

For those that aren't familiar with Tilapia:
They start out life as a grey fish of no particular beauty.
They transform into a strikingly brilliant orange fish.
They may reach two kilos in weight and fit nicely into a frying pan.
Which is good because they are yummy in the tummy.
Alfred our gardener ~ handyman brought a new helper to work with him on our fencing, his nephew. We were taken aback because his nephew is only thirteen. Exploiters of Children is not a title either Myra or I want.

Nicky wants to continue his education. If he works for us all this summer he will have enough money to enroll in grade eight. If he doesn't he won't. Here in the Philippines the powers that rule want to lower the age of criminal responsibility to NINE years old. They also are attempting to bring back the death penalty for drug related crimes. If those laws pass Nicky will be old enough to be sentenced to life in prison or execution. We figure he's old enough to work on our fence.

Just for the record: As of 13:00 it is forty-one degrees Celsius. The heat is wicked. He will be earning his education the hard way. But at least he will have his chance which is a lot more than many people his age will have in the Philippines.

The Old Man