Why would I bless one and curse the other?

How many times have you heard it or said it?
'I'm blessed'
Quite a few I'd wager. Many times it's said to indicate that the person feels that something good has happened to them that they just don't deserve. This quite naturally implies that some one or some thing some where with the power to bestow this blessing has singled them out for special attention.

If you are comfortable with the above then it's best to read no further because I'm not and I'll be trying to explain why I'm not. You've been warned.

First off I'm not moving into an atheistic rant against those who have faith. My life is faith based. I'm not moving into a rant against anyone or any faith.

I'm just not comfortable with the idea that I deserve a blessing more than my neighbor does. Or that one child lived and another died in a car crash because one was blest and the other wasn't.

What makes me so righteous and my neighbor so unrighteous that I get blessed and they don't. Got me beat. And if you were to ask Myra M'lady of almost twenty-five years the same question she couldn't give one reason.

So if I'm no better and perhaps worse than my neighbor why would I be blest? No good reason comes to this old man's mind.

What makes sense to me is what I have seen time and again. Good people who try hard to live a good life have good things happen to them. Sure they have some down and out, straight up ugly things happen but, they also have good things that some call blessings.

Try this thought on for size:

Not a Blessing but simply good karma coming to fruition
Not a capricious god shooting dice with your life but your good actions, possibly over countless lives, coming together in one sublime moment to give you a perfectly sacred instant?

Works for me.

The Old Man