Estimated 1 1/2 days ~ Reality 1 Week Will Be Closer

It was a simple plan. Dare I say an elegant plan?

Their best man comes up for a few hours. We talk. Myra and I explain to him what we need. He explaining to us how he can create our dream. Together we draw up plans. He then goes back to the shop and builds what we need. When it is all together they send up a team to install it.

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there are days when prayer really helps

Reality Rears It's Ugly Head

 The installation crew shows up for a late start. They only brought half the cupboards. The quality is suspect. Three of our six cupboards don't fit. Now these guys are trying their very best but it is not a very good very best. After three days of training them up they are getting the idea and tomorrow could be a good day. I know what you are thinking: Our expectations are too high.

No. They're not!

They needed to place one of the cupboards on the wall to mark the exact position to drill the holes for the mounting bolts. Their solution was to place the cupboard on the head of one of the crew. He would balance the cupboard for the half hour or so it took to get everything lined up. I stepped in and told them to build a platform to place it on instead of the workers head.

As I said, tomorrow could be a good day!

The Old Man