Latest Black Dog Days Are On The Wane

Sir Winston Churchill and I have many similarities. Baldness, overweight, a fondness for smoking and drinking and what he called his 'Black Dog Days'.

Nothing I can do about the hair loss. I constantly fight the Battle Of The Bulge. Smoking and drinking are no longer indulged in. (just had another of our 5 second shakers, the price we pay for living on the side of a sleepy volcano)

I'm working on the Black Dog days but they continue to haunt me as they did Churchill throughout his life. The light fades and darkness, a literal darkness, overshadows everything. All one can do is howl and wait for the light to return. Today it has. Today I blog and hopefully get out to take some shots.

Multiple Sclerosis, Sir Winston Churchill, Black Dog Days, Howling
The world turns dark and all I can do is howl and wait for the light

The Old Man