Looking For Light And Love

All that matters is that your chosen path leads you into Light and Love

Since humans climbed down out of the trees we've been living in the shadows. In the darkness we have rarely found the path that leads to doing justly, bestowing mercy and living humbly with Mother Earth.

Most of us are like the bug in the above shot: We know where we want to get to but we aren't sure where the path is.

It's been written
'The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step'

That's not true. The journey only begins once you decide to take the journey. Once you have decided to journey comes the need to decide where you want to get to. Then and only then does the first step get taken.

I have neither the right nor the wisdom to tell you the path you need to take to reach the Light. But I will give you a hint.
If the path you are on doesn't increase the Light and Love in your life it's not the right path for you.
The Old Man