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Sharing the Sacred through photography

Once upon a time I believed as others did that I had a calling from God to become an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada. Shortly after entering upon the path to ordination the United Church created a program where Indians who it was believed had a calling could be trained within their village to become fully ordained clergy. The church began casting about for people to put into the program.

Except for the minor detail that I wasn't native I was thought to be well suited for the new ordination program. I had been a Lighthouse keeper on the north coast of British Columbia Canada. From Lighthouse keeper to deckhand on the last of the Central Mainland Marine Ministry boats, the Thomas Crosby V. I left the Crosby as the first and to the best of my knowledge the only intended candidate for the ministry from the mission boats.

To make a long story short the greater church found a village that was willing to train me to be a village minister. It was a seminal time in my life. I was taught the old ways by people who lived them. What they taught me reached deeply into my spirit and awakened long forgotten memories that my ancestors had passed down through every cell in my body. I found myself being drawn deeply into clan and village life and leaving my previous life further and further behind. In time I was named in the Feast Hall and honored with the title 'Village Lepled'.

Everything changes. In time I found myself in the Philippines with a very different and yet still good life. My old passions are still simmering. The need to belong to a clan and village. The need to be a part of the sacred. The need to help. My problem is that I have no clan, no village and no way to share the sacred.

Which is where this blog comes in. Here I get to share the sacred through my photography. Perhaps my thoughts help others on their path. In time I may even find a web based clan and village.

The Old Man