Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh Or Surrender ~ I Choose To Laugh

laughter is better, surrender is not an option,Philippines, Life
Better to laugh than surrender

I was walking Choco when I noticed that the drainage canal had a steady stream of water running down it. This was strange because it hadn't rained. I soon found the cause. Our water line had been dug up, broken and almost repaired. The inner tube tied around the break tells me it was municipal workers that screwed up our line. We got hold of our plumber and hoped he would arrive before the line entirely let go.

Later as I'm out looking for some beauty to photograph a truck shows up with our washing machine. Terrific! Except the technicians knowing that they were going to reconnect our washing machine brought neither tools nor Teflon. As the God's would have it shortly after their arrival Denise our plumber shows up and quickly fixes our main water line.

For about half an hour before he arrived the washing machine technicians had been attempting to level the machine (our level) and were just then trying to connect the hoses. Actually connecting the hoses wasn't a problem. Connecting them without a leak was a problem.

I knew the solution so as Denise was preparing to leave I asked if he could help the technicians hook up our washing machine. Our Teflon plus his tools and skills soon had us hooked up. He went his way to buy rice for the family and we settled in to watch the machine go through a full cycle.

Just then Choco started barking. Who walked in but Peria and Boboy the parents of our handyman. Seems their son has decided that he is too sickly to work for us. We had an agreement that when he was healthy he would work when he wasn't we would wait upon his return to good health. But for whatever reasons he quit.

As I said sometimes I either laugh or surrender. Today I laughed, and thought how good a scream would feel...

The Old Man